4 Piston Racing's 1,000hp-Plus Honda K Series Build

December 18, 2017 / by Evan Perkins

4 Piston Racing built a Honda K series street engine that is capable of over 1,000 horsepower!

In a world of every increasing engine output, 1,000-plus horsepower is still big news; and from a 4 cylinder no less. Luke Wilson of 4 Piston Racing used the Wiseco pistons booth at the 2017 PRI show to showcase the shop’s latest build offering: a 1,200hp-cabable Honda K series that can be street driven. 

A Precision turbo with a 72mm compressor wheel is fed by a Speed Factory equal-length turbo manifold. It can provide 50psi of boost to the engine.

The engine is based on a factory, K24 block, sourced from an Acura, and utilizes an OEM forged crankshaft. From there up, 4 Piston has worked their magic to fortify the 4 cylinder for quadruple digit power. Ramey Racing /LA Sleeve ductile iron sleeves are installed and machined for copper O-rings and Wiseco Extreme Duty pistons are hung on BoostLine connecting rods to maximize strength.  

Up top, a 4 Piston–CNC ported, TSX cylinder head is equipped with Ferrea valve springs, Competition Plus valves, and 4 Piston billet turbo cams. ARP head studs keep the lid on the 50-plus psi of boost the engine is designed to handle.

All in Fabrication built the fabricated aluminum oil pan. Save for a set of Ramey Racing/LA ductile iron sleeves, the K series block is an OEM piece. Extreme Duty Wiseco pistons and BoostLine Rods add needed strength to the rotating assembly.

Forced atmosphere is supplied by a massive, 72mm Precision turbocharger and fed into a Kinsler modular plenum intake manifold. The turbo is capable of delivering over 50psi of boost and is fed pressurized exhaust via a Speed Factory equal-length turbo manifold. The engine, which is designed to work in both street and racing applications, is capable of running on various types of fuel. On 93-octane pump gas, it is capable of 600hp. E85, with its higher octane and chemical intercooling properties brings 1,000hp to the table and finally, C85 race fuel allows for even more boost and over 1,200hp worth of go.

An adjustable Kinsler billet intake manifold directs boost into a 4 Piston Racing–ported Cylinder head.

“We’ve used this engine in everything from road racing to time attack, to weekend drag racing, said Wilson. “You can drive it to the track on pump gas with 600 hp, and add race gas and turn up the boost.”

The engine is ready to go to the dyno, and shortly the team at 4 Piston will have video proof for the world of the engine’s potency.


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Written by Evan Perkins