Champions Crowned at Loretta Lynn's 2019 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship

August 9, 2019 / by Kevin Bailey

With deep roots in racing, Wiseco has been supporting the Amateur National Championships at Loretta Lynn's since the beginning. It was another great year of racing, read on for all the championship details.

Official release from MX Sports. Photos by Shan Moore.

HURRICANE MILLS, Tenn. (July 29 – August 3, 2019) – The 38th edition of the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship took place on July 29th – August 3rd, with over 1500 entries filling the gates at this year’s event to compete in 36 classes for the chance to earn the title of amateur national champion. After five days of racing, a handful of racers stood out as elite among the rest, and they were recognized with special awards on Saturday evening.

Jalek Swoll won the Open Pro Sport class and took home the AMA Nicky Hayden Amateur Horizon Award.

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Jalek Swoll earned the AMA Nicky Hayden Amateur Horizon Award, based on his performance in the Open Pro Sport class.

Jarrett Frye won the Amateur Rider of the Year thanks to his win in the Schoolboy 2 class, while Maximus Vohland won the Youth Rider of the Year with titles in the Supermini 1 (12-15) class and in the Supermini 2 (13-16) class. Finally, Mike Brown took the Vet Rider of the Year Award for his win in the Senior 40+ division. 

Of the four, Vohland was perhaps the most dominating, sweeping all six of his motos en route to his two titles. Vohland’s final moto in the Supermini 1 class was arguably his toughest of the week, after he got off to a poor start. 

“That last moto I pushed really hard, I was pretty far back,” said Vohland. “That was my toughest moto this week. I was about eighth off the line and I just started picking riders off one by one. I was hoping to win the Youth award and I knew I needed to sweep all my races to do that, so that was the goal.” 

The 250 and Open Pro Sport classes were two of the most highly anticipated divisions of the week, with Jett Lawrence, along with his Amsoil Honda teammates Jo Shimoda and Carson Mumford, set to go up against Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Jalek Swoll. 

Despite facing some technical obstacles, Jett Lawrence rode in a dominant fashion alongside his Wiseco-backed AMSOIL Honda teammates all week long. See a full breakdown of Jett's race bike here.

Lawrence positioned himself well after the first two motos of the 250 Pro Sport class, boasting first and a second-place finishes heading into the final moto.

Lawrence was leading the final moto and was on the verge of clinching the 250 Pro Sport title, when a mechanical issue stopped him dead in his tracks and he was forced to push his bike back to the mechanic’s area for a DNF. Despite being one of the most dominate riders of the week, the Australian came away empty handed. 

The Open B class gets underway on Friday.

“I’m pretty bummed about the DNF because I had the title easily, although those things happen,” said Lawrence. “In the final Open moto, I messed up my start and I was riding like a goon and that doesn’t help. For my first time at this race, I surprised a lot of people and I surprised myself. I definitely kicked so ass. I know I could have come away with a couple of titles, but it just didn’t happen.” 

Swoll suffered a groin injury in the second 250 moto and elected to sit out the final moto so he could concentrate on the Open class, and when Shimoda also DNFed the final 250 moto, Chilean Hardy Munoz took advantage of the situation and stole the 250 Pro Sport title with a 3-4-3 moto performance. 

Munoz didn’t know he had won until his mechanic told him after the race.

“The track was really rough and soft and I got a good start and tried to do the best I could and be consistent. I didn’t know I where I was, I just pushed, and pushed and pushed,” said Munoz.

Riding with intense pain, Swoll took control of the final Open Pro Sport moto, and when Lawrence, who went 2-1 in the first two motos, got off to a poor start and could only work his way up into third behind Shimoda, Swoll took the overall win and ended his amateur career with the title in the Open Pro Sport division. The Florida rider will line up next weekend at Unadilla.

“I was in pain from the sight lap on,” said Swoll. “My team was giving me encouragement so I just dug down deep and it carried me through. I was relieved once I got into the lead because I knew I could just settle in and find a smooth rhythm so I didn’t put myself in too much pain. The Honda boys were really fast here and I knew they were going to give me a fight if they caught up so I kept looking ahead.”

The 51cc (4-6) Limited class prepares to start moto three.

Stilez Robertson parlayed a 1-2-2 finish into an overall win in the 250 B class, the Monster Energy Team Green Kawasaki rider coming out on top of a three-way battle with Suzuki’s Dilan Schwartz and Am Pro Yamaha’s Jarrett Frye for the title

Heading into the final moto, both Robertson (1-2) and Schwartz (2-1) had 3 points each, while Frye (3-3) was right behind with 6.

“In the last moto, I got off the line in second and I hit someone before the Ten Commandments and we all kind of got bottled up,” said Robertson. “Dilan was out front, but then he tipped over and I got by him. He got right up behind me and passed me for second, but then he made a mistake and bobbled and I was able to pass him for second, which gave me the title.” 

Frye won the moto and ended up second overall, with Schwartz finishing the moto in seventh for third overall. 

Frye was more consistent in the Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C class, where he posted a perfect 1-1-1 score to top Robertson’s 3-5-2. Suzuki’s Preston Kilroy was third overall with a 2-3-8 tally.

The 450 B Limited class produced a good race between Amsoil Honda’s Hunter Yoder and Husqvarna’s Jace Kessler. Yoder (2-1) held 3 points going into the third and deciding moto, while Kessler (1-3) had 4.

Kessler held the early lead in moto three, but, after an intense battle that produced at least four lead changes, Yoder took the lead for good (and the title) when Kessler tipped over. 

“The first 10 or 15 minutes I was pushing as hard as I could, Jace was put me through a test, for sure,” said Yoder. “I did what I had to do to stay close and obviously I made mistakes and he made mistakes. That was one of the gnarliest races I had this week.”

The senior classes are a big part of the Loretta Lynn experience. Mike Brown won the Senior 40+ class with a 1-1-1 moto finish and claimed the Vet Rider of the Year Award.

The 450 B race saw Yamaha’s Matt LeBlanc take the title with a 1-1-2 performance over Levi Newby’s (Hus) 2-2-3. Austin Black won the final moto, but a DNF in the first moto left the Suzuki rider out of the title picture. 

The 250 B class saw Yamaha’s Mason Gonzales take the title with a 1-2-1 moto performance ahead of Suzuki’s Hunter Yoder (2-1-2) and Hunter Yoder (3-4-3).

Forty-seven-year-old Yamaha Ambassador Mike Brown proved he’s still got what it takes by outrunning 30-year-old Darryn Durham (Yam) to win the Junior 25+ division. The former 125 National Motocross Champion returned to also sweep the 40+ race over Kawasaki-mounted John Grewe. Grewe used a 1-1-1 moto performance to win the Vet 50+ class ahead of Suzuki’s Barry Carsten (2-2-2). 

Wiseco's own Dennis Stapleton raced 25+ and went 9-8-9 on the week.

Husqvarna’s Nick Romano won both of the Mini Sr titles, going 1-1-3 to win the Mini Sr 1 (12-14) class and 1-4-1 to win the Mini Sr 2 (13-15) class. KTM’s Mark Fineis gave Romano a run for his money in the final Mini Sr 2 moto, but went down on the final lap, as Romano cruised in for the win. 

Jazzmyn Canfield clinched the Women National Championship with a 1-1-2 score, yielding only to Triangle Cycles Yamaha teammate Jordan Jarvis (2-2-1) in the final moto. The Women’s class was a hugely competitive class with Utah’s Tayler Allred (KTM) rounding out the podium with a 4-3-5 score. 

Jordan Jarvis will join Brandy Richards and Becca Sheets on this year’s Women’s Trophy Team at the International Six Days in Portugal in November. 

Other title winners included Braxton Baldock (51cc 4-6 SHFT DR Limited); Bode Bradford (51cc 4-6 LT); Ryder Ellis (51cc 7-8 Limited); Caden Dudney (65cc 7-8 Limited); Landon Gibson (65cc 7-9); Landen Gordon (65cc 10-11 Limited); Luke Fauser (65cc 10-11); Daxton Bennick (85cc 10-12 Limited); Haiden Deegan (85cc 10-12); and Mikayla Nielsen (Girls). 

For more information on the AMA Amateur National, visit the series official website at or call (304) 284-0101.

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