The AWD Eagle Talon with a Replacement for Displacement

August 16, 2017 / by Bradley Iger

Michael Suchomski keeps the competition on its toes with his stroked, turbocharged Talon. Check it out here.


“At any given track event there will be more than a handful of Mustangs and F-bodies, and I didn't want to be a part of the majority,” says Michael Suchomski, a network administrator from Nashville, IL. “I also wanted something with a stout powerplant that didn't need an LS swap, and having an automatic with all-wheel drive provides a nice advantage at some of the local tracks that have very little prep.” But beyond the mechanical benefits of the platform, Suchomski’s AWD Eagle Talon build has another advantage. “I also like the element of surprise – not many racers around here expect a four cylinder import to be fast.”

Supertech dual valve springs, Forced Performance 4R camshafts, an Evo 3 intake manifold, and an S90 throttle body are all part of the equation for the 4G63’s top end.

During the shakedown runs after completing the engine build last year, even Suchomski was surprised by performance. “When I first had the car back together and was doing tuning pulls, I didn't expect it to be as quick as it is,” he explained. “I noticed the boost drop a little on the gauge and couldn't figure out why until I looked at the logs from ECMLink. Every time the transmission shifted from gears 1-2 or 2-3 I was letting off the throttle and didn't know it. I'll have to really stand on the pedal this year after the new changes."

The Talon is motivated by a 4G63 2.0-liter four cylinder motor that’s been stroked to a 2.3 liters using Wiseco Stroker 1400HD Pistons and K1 Technologies connecting rods. The top end consists of ARP L19 head studs, Supertech dual valve springs and  Forced Performance 4R cams, while a Forced Performance exhaust manifold is paired with a Forced Performance Black (59mm) turbocharger.

Suchomski bumped the 4G63’s displacement up from two liters to 2.3 using a set of Wiseco 1400HD stroker pistons and K1 Technologies connecting rods

Find a set of Wiseco pistons for your build here.

“I am using an ETS 10" Race intercooler to chill the air and will be spraying two kits from Nitrous Outlet after I had issues last time at the track building boost in the warm Southern Illinois weather,” Suchomski added. “Both kits are triggered by parameters set in ECMLink. One kit consists of a small shot to get on the converter and build boost at the line and shuts off at 40mph. The second kit will make up for my small turbo once it runs out of efficiency. It will spray the track down with a 100-150 shot once the first kit shuts off.”

All in, he estimates the motor is now making about 540 horsepower at the crank. “According to the logs thru ECMLink, it was seeing 56lb/min of airflow – I fully expect to see 65lb/min or more this season with the larger 59mm Forced Performance Black that we’re putting on (which replaces a 52mm Forced Performance Green turbo),” he told us. “I will not stop turning the boost up or will spray more nitrous until it traps 140mph or runs a 9.99 in 1/4mile before the end of the year.”

K1 Technologies H-Beam connecting rods are a solid match with the Wiseco 1400HD stroker pistons that are being used in the 4G63.

While that might sound like a one-way ticket to disintegrated internals, Suchomski built a stout bottom end for this motor that should be able to handle the abuse without flinching. “In this specific engine I have been using Wiseco 1400HD stroker pistons for over 3000 hard miles with the 52mm FP Green turbo. I've used Wiseco pistons in a few previous builds for other cars and friends’ projects with great success, so it was a no brainer using the 1400HD's in this build.”

Check out K1 Technologies rods available for your build here.

Although the Talon is still a daily driven street car that sees commuter duty when the weather permits, Suchomski says he plans to run the car in the Import Faceoff (Forced Induction Sport series) and Street Car Takeover events in the Midwest this year. “I will certainly be entering the car in Drag Week 2018 as well,” he added. “That has been a goal of mine for a long time now.”

Suchomski says that sticking with the four cylinder motor also gives him an advantage when he pulls up to the staging lanes, as many of the racers in his area tend to underestimate what this four cylinder Talon is capable of.


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Written by Bradley Iger