Devin Taetsch Sets Sights On Four-Digit Horsepower With Stock-Displacement LS3

December 19, 2018 / by Bradley Iger

Devin Taetsch is a 5th-gen Camaro fan and his example of the breed is headed for  big power, quick. Follow along and find out what he has planned. 

“When the fifth generation Camaro was announced, it was immediately my dream car,” explains Devin Taetsch, an A/V specialist from Orange County, California. “My father had gotten me into muscle cars at an early age – he had a ’68 Chevelle– and seeing him wrench on it really sparked my interest in performance.”

Taetsch’s Camaro rides on powdercoated ZL1 wheels and gets its low and mean stance from a BMR Suspension setup that drops the car 1.25 inches up front and one inch in the rear. Sway bars, trailing arms, toe links, front end links, and an assortment of bushing upgrades are part of the package as well, so it’s safe to assume this car will be buttoned down during the half-mile sprints he has planned for it in 2019.

Devin got his start in modern muscle car tuning with a Dodge Charger SRT8, adding the requisite bolt-ons like longtube headers and a cat-back exhaust, but the siren song of GM performance would eventually bring his attention back to the bowtie family. “My father and uncle always had a passion for Chevys, and I felt like I would be continuing that legacy with the Camaro,” he says. “It also didn’t hurt that the car was great to look at and turned a lot of heads.”

Taetsch took delivery of his 2011 Camaro 2SS RS in the small town of Peachtree City, Georgia, where he lived at the time. But shortly thereafter he switched coasts and relocated to Southern California, the birthplace of hot rodding.

“When I moved out here, I quickly realized that there was much larger car culture community, and I was able connect with more people who shared my interests,” he says. “That’s when I became friends with the former head of Magnuson Superchargers. He told me they were developing a new supercharger, and my car became kind of the test bed for that new system.”

To reach Taetsch’s goal of having the most powerful stock displacement Heartbeat Supercharger-supported LS3, builder James Mullenix at Mullenix Racing Engines in Simi Valley, California, will be adding AFR Mongoose 260cc cylinder heads to the mix, along with a host of valvetrain and fuel system upgrades.

Today Taetsch’s Camaro makes just over 700 horsepower at the wheels thanks to that TVS2300 blower running at about nine pounds of boost, along with a Brian Tooley Stage 4 PD camshaft, a Nick Williams throttle body, and a handful of other bolt-ons. While that’s probably more than enough grunt for most folks, Taetsch says he’s just getting started. “Our goal is to see 900 to a thousand horsepower at the wheels,” he tells us. “And we want to get there with stock displacement.”

To accomplish that goal – which would potentially make Taetsch’s LS3-powered Camaro the most powerful stock cubic-inch LS3 and Heartbeat blower combination built to date – Devin has put together a rotating assembly combination that consists of a forged crankshaft, forged H-Beam connecting rods, and Wiseco -3.2cc flat-top pistons. “Since we’re staying with the stock bore and stock displacement, Wiseco pistons were perfect for the application and the compression that we wanted, so it was a no-brainer for us,” said Taetsch. 

Devin says that Wiseco’s -3.2cc flat-top pistons fit the requirements of the project perfectly, providing the strength he’ll need for the big power he has planned while also allowing him to maintain the stock bore and displacement.

He says the goal is to have the motor back together by the end of 2018 and then head to the races. “Along with hitting all the big car meets in Southern California and the next SEMA show, the car is going to be entered in a number of half-mile racing events. We expecting to see 180, maybe even 190 mph when we go through the traps.”

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Written by Bradley Iger