Dirt Bike Magazine's Faster USA YZ125 Two-Stroke Build

June 15, 2018 / by Kevin Bailey

Dirt Bike Magazine partnered up with Faster USA on a 2006 YZ125 two-stroke build that will turn heads everywhere. Powered by a Wiseco crank, piston, and clutch, watching this bike scream around the track will never get old. Get the details and check out the video here.

Information, photos, and video provided by Dirt Bike Magazine. Click here for their Two-Stroke Tuesday feature on this bike, and pick up a copy of the magazine for the complete write up.

One of the latest two-stroke projects featured in Dirt Bike Magazine is a 2006 YZ125 built by Colin and Vince of Faster USA wheels. This bike was a cheap Craigslist find. At a $1500 price point, the bike was pretty rough, but they knew it had a solid base and potential to be any 125 lover's dream bike.


Upon tear down and inspection, there were no major roadblocks, even though the bike was neglected for the better part of its life. Of course, all the bearings were dry and needed replacing, but that's to be expected with a project like this. Luckily, there was no structural damage to the frame or swingarm.

When it comes to the engine on a used bike like this, it's a much safer bet to rebuild and replace the engine internals than hope they hold up, especially considering the affordability of rebuilding two-strokes compared to four-strokes.

This YZ125 engine was completely rebuilt for reliability and performance. Read more below on the engine mods and internals.

This YZ125 engine received a complete Wiseco bottom and top end, including crank, piston kit, and the necessary gaskets and seals. Wiseco bottom end kits feature cost-effective OEM replacement cranks that go through a rigorous R&D and QC process. Watch the Wiseco crank engineering and QC process here.

 The 125 bottom end was freshened up with a Wiseco bottom end kit, including a crank, main bearings, and all the necessary gaskets and seals.

Wiseco top end kits come with a Wiseco forged piston, ring(s), wrist pin, wire locks, and top end gaskets. Choosing a forged piston for your rebuild is a good call for both performance and reliability, thanks to the strength qualities of forged aluminum.

If you're looking for the latest in two-stroke race piston technology, check out the Wiseco Racer Elite pistons.

To top off performance on this bike, they had the cylinder ported, and installed a VHM head, Moto Tassinari V Force reeds, and a Pro Circuit pipe and silencer.

A Wiseco forged piston was fitted in the ported cylinder, and capped off with a VHM head.

The YZ125 was also fitted with a complete Wiseco clutch. The clutch basket, inner hub, and pressure plate were replaced with forged components, and topped off with Wiseco steel plates, fibers, springs, and a billet clutch cover. Wiseco is the only clutch manufacturer that forges clutch baskets, giving them enough strength for Wiseco to offer a lifetime guarantee against notching and breakage. Get all the details on Wiseco clutch components here.

A complete Wiseco clutch was installed, including a forged basket, inner hub, and pressure plate, along with a complete clutch pack kit and billet cover.

Dirt Bike Magazine commented on the engine, saying "The engine mods make the bike great for someone who will hold it wide open and clutch it all the time. It's a far cry from the mild-mannered, bottom-end to mid-range friendly power of the stock engine."

With the frame, swingarm, and linkage cleaned up, and the motor ready to go back in, all the bearings and seals were replaced with ProX Racing Parts OEM quality components. ProX also powers the final drive on this bike with a set of sprockets and a chain.

dirt_bike_mag_faster_usa_wiseco_125_005An R-Tech Revolution plastic kit is what gave the bike the newer Yamaha look. This, combined with the metallic blue frame, various gunmetal gray Cerakoted parts, and Kashima coated forks by Exxtreme suspension, really gave the bike an awesome factory look.

dirt_bike_mag_faster_usa_wiseco_125_004Of course, Faster USA built a set of custom wheels with red hubs, silver spokes, blue nipples, and black rims. This bike build leaves nothing to be desired, and ended up creating a YZ125 that looks as good as it performs. Be sure to pick up an issue of Dirt Bike Magazine to get all the details not mentioned here.


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