English Racing To Attend World Cup Finals, Ultimate Import Vs. Domestic Race

October 25, 2017 / by Evan Perkins

The Haltech World Cup Finals, sponsored by Wiseco, is the who's who of competitive, import vs. domestic drag racing. English Racing will be in attendance to go head-to-head with with some of the fastest cars in the country.

In just a few short weeks (November 1-5) Maryland International raceway will host the Wiseco-sponsored, Haltech World Cup Finals, an event that pits some of the fastest import cars in the world against their domestic counterparts. English Racing’s Wiseco-sponsored EVO X will be there to go to battle on the global stage. The engine powering the car is a 2.0L with Wiseco pistons, GRP aluminum rods, a 4 Pistons Racing–CNC-prepped cylinder head and over 60psi of boost, force-fed by a Precision Turbo.  
English Racing will team up with the ETS GTR for the Haltech World Cup Finals, where they will face off against some of the toughest competition in the country. 

Click Here for more info on English Racing's EVO.

“Honestly, our goal for WCF this year is to hopefully go some rounds with the cars,” team owner, Lucas English, said in an interview with Dragzine. “Imports always get a bad rap for never being able to go rounds; obviously, we have small motors with big turbos pushing the limits, so it is much harder to go rounds since they are always so high-strung. If we can qualify in the top five or six and make it to the semifinals or finals, we will be pretty happy.”

The 4B11TE engine in English Racing's EVO X is built to the hilt with a huge turbo, forged, Wiseco pistons, and a precision turbo cranking out epic boost.

Check out the full story on Dragzine for English Racing’s attack strategy and how they’ll be assisting the record-holding ETS GTR in its goal to, once again, rewrite the record books.

English Racing owner, Lucas English, reviews the data from a run. We hear he will be the hot shoe behind the wheel of the ETS GT-R as well.  


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Written by Evan Perkins