Affordable Rebuilds Made Easy: Wiseco's Garage Buddy Line

May 23, 2019 / by Kevin Bailey

From a valve replacement to a complete engine rebuild, Wiseco's Garage Buddy line aims to make your powersports engine maintenance hassle-free and affordable. Check out all the details on Garage Buddy here.

Whether you ride or race a dirt bike or ATV, every machine will reach a point in the maintenance cycle in which some of the engine's components will need to be replaced. If you're a die hard two-stroke rider, an avid four-stroke lover, or you have both sitting in the garage, freshening up the engine when it comes time is unavoidable. However, walking into an OEM dealer and ordering each individual part you need from the manufacturer can leave you frustrated and your wallet empty.

Wiseco's line of Garage Buddy products aims to make engine maintenance easy and affordable. The Garage Buddy lineup currently consists of complete engine rebuild kits and steel valve kits.

Complete Engine Rebuild Kits


Check out the complete details on Garage Buddy engine rebuild kits here!

Wiseco Garage Buddy engine rebuild kits come with all parts needed to rebuild the bottom and top end of your bike or ATV, plus an hour meter—with a Garage Buddy specific decal—to track critical maintenance intervals and identify your rebuild as a Garage Buddy rebuild. The kits include:

  • Crankshaft assembly
  • OEM quality main bearings
  • All engine gaskets, seals, and O-rings
  • Wiseco standard series forged piston kit (piston, ring(s), pin, clips)
  • Small end bearing (for two-strokes)
  • Cam chain (for four-strokes)
  • Hour meter with mounting bracket and hour meter decal
  • Assembly lube

Garage Buddy Engine rebuild kits even come with a limited warranty against manufacturer defects: 90 days or 10 hours on the meter, whichever comes first. These kits are available for popular two-stroke and four-stroke models, and all parts come in one box with one part number to make ordering a breeze.

Find a Garage Buddy engine rebuild kit for your machine here.

Steel Valve Kits


Check out the complete details on Garage Buddy steel valve kits here!

Wiseco Garage Buddy Steel Valve Kits were engineered to be a more reliable and affordable option for riders who need to replace valves in their modern four-stroke machines. Since four-stroke dirt bikes became mainstream in the market, certain models have come with Titanium valves from the factory. While titanium valves offer weight savings and performance, the trade-off is in durability and cost.

Titanium commonly wears out quicker than steel, especially in a part subject to as much abuse as a valves. We know everything wears out over time, but the real problem arises when you see the price associated with OEM replacement titanium valves.


Garage Buddy steel valve kits are an affordable alternative to expensive titanium valves. The kits come complete with new valve springs to compensate for the weight change in the valves, as well as cam lube to ensure each step of your rebuilt goes right. These kits are available for popular four-stroke dirt bike and ATV models, and are available in both intake and exhaust valve kits.

 Find Garage Buddy steel valve kits for your machine here!

Wiseco Garage Buddy steel valve kits offer OEM performance without the OEM price tag.

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