Simpler Times: Classic Polaris Snowmobile Wiseco Piston Applications Expanded

November 26, 2019 / by Greg Lonero

The sweet spot. We’ve heard it, but what does that mean in the snowmobile community? Well, with the 2020 line up for the current four manufacturers now selling their sleds with an average price tag of $13,000, the snowmobile sweet spot isn’t so sweet, or is it? With the advent of social media, there are now numerous sites that are specific to snowmobiles by brand and model, which narrows down a lot of internet clutter where the proverbial sweet spot is much easier to find.

With new model prices consistently increasing, freshening up some of the earlier models is a much more attainable way to keep having fun.
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It’s hard to believe, but the 90s are now 20+ years behind us. However, the great thing about this time frame is there were a ton of great snowmobiles made during the 90s that can be purchased very cheaply these days. Polaris was leading the industry with their Indy line up, which included the XCF and Pro X models, targeted at the rough terrain rider or Sno X racer.  For the less serious ditch banger or racer was the Polaris Indy Snow Sport. New, these snowmobiles had all the features that made modern snowmobiling a pleasurable and enjoyable experience, from performance, to rider comfort, to dependability. The great thing is, today you can pick up a used one starting at a couple hundred dollars, leaving plenty of room in the budget to do a rebuild and make the sled trail ready again, which when promoted properly, makes the sport of snowmobiling very affordable under just about any budget.

The problem is, when you buy a 25-year-old snowmobile, it comes pre-equipped with all the miles already logged on it, so it’s more than likely due for an overhaul.  The good thing is, these motors are still rudimentary in design, so a good backyard mechanic can do a complete motor overhaul without an extensive arsenal of specialized tools. 

While the older snowmobiles may not have all the fancy bells and whistles, used sleds can be found very affordably and rebuilding them is fairly simple.
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The crank bearings, if needed, are available through various crank shop repair vendors, but what about the elusive pistons for machines that are 25 years old? With decades of snowmobile support under their belts, Wiseco continues with more new pistons running through the forging press. Released this this fall is another new piston offering that complements an already complete product lineup.

View new Wiseco Polaris pistons here!

Wiseco recently expanded forged piston offerings for Polaris snow applications, including '97 - '98 440 XCF, 2001 Pro X, and '94 - '99 Snow Sport.

Find pistons for your machine here!

The pistons are manufactured from dedicated forgings for superior strength and optimized piston design.  As with all their snowmobile pistons, they are a lightweight design for less vibration and improved throttle response. And once reassembled, the piston rings are precision made to allow fast break-in and ultimate ring seal to get you back on the trail.  And best of all, they are made in the USA with over 75 years of experience as the industry leader in forged piston technology.

Dedicated forgings allow for lightweight designs while maintaining strength for less vibration and improved throttle response.

So, if you’re looking to pick up a new pastime in the winter, or add another snowmobile to your fleet, now is a great time to do it on an affordable budget as Wiseco hits another home run in supplying the snowmobile market place with another industry leading aftermarket product.

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Written by Greg Lonero