The Best 2-Stroke Engine Rebuild Video You'll Ever Watch

December 17, 2020 / by Kevin Bailey

Have you ever seen a complete rebuild of a 1993 KX250 engine done entirely in stop motion animation? Neither had we.

A couple years ago, Nick Hagman, the man behind Mechanimations, acquired a 1993 KX250 2-stroke in dire need of some TLC, inside and out. It's no secret that older 2-stroke dirt bike rebuilds and restorations have become increasingly popular, but Nick is going about it in a completely different way than you've ever seen a bike be rebuilt before.

For those that may not know, stop motion animation is the process of creating an animated film by stitching together thousands of photos - frame, by frame, by frame. Throw in tons of moving parts, sound effects, editing magic, and even a blow torch, and you have a project that 99.99% of us don't possess the creative vision, talent, dedication, or patience for.

Yes, Nick is planning on documenting the entire bike rebuild via stop motion, but this particular video is all about the heart of the bike. From Nick, "'It's Worth It' is the result of approximately 500 hours worth of work and contains somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 unique photos. It ups the game from previous Mechanimations videos to include a storyline, characters, and an original film score. It's not a tutorial, but you might learn something from it. If you don't learn anything I think you'll still be entertained. And if this video makes you want to go spin a wrench then I've achieved my goal, and the effort was worth it."

In the video, you'll find an eager Wiseco piston coordinating the rebuild of the engine to honor the legacy of the KX250 and the parts that dedicated their performance previously. The engine receives a Wiseco bottom end rebuild kit with a crankshaft, main bearings, and gaskets, as well as a Wiseco clutch basket and clutch pack. Topped off with some cylinder and head work by Race Tech to welcome the new Wiseco piston, this KX250 engine is ready to rip another day.

Enough reading, sit back, appreciate, and enjoy.

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