Video: Hoonigans Build 700 Horsepower LS Heart for '1955 Chevy Gasser Project!

June 5, 2018 / by Evan Perkins

Watch as Hoonigans' Jon and Brad piece together an LS shortblock with Wiseco pistons. The mill is destined for 700 horsepower duty and 9-second e.t.s in Jon’s ’55 Chevy gasser project.

The Hoonigans are hard at work on their gasser project! The car, which belongs to Jon Chase, is set to be a 9.90-second, 700 horsepower drag car and will compete in a callout match between chase and Roadkill’s Mike Finnegan. In the latest episode of “Garage Garage,” the tech and hands-on YouTube series, Hoonigan resident wrench-master “big-daddy” Brad goes over the process of building an LS engine shortblock that will take some serious twist!

The ultra-stout forged Wiseco pistons for the Gasser LS build were treated to a custom Hoonigan-treatment.

The shortblock is based on an iron LS block from Summit Racing. It was machined by Custom Performance Racing Engines (CPR) and features a K1 Technologies 4in stroke crankshaft and K1 6.125in connecting rods. Wiseco provided the pistons which are designed for forced induction and a boat-load of horsepower. They feature thickened ring lands with lateral gas ports to increase ring seal and stability under high boost and heat.

The ring package consists of a stainless steel nitrided top ring and a napier second ring to both seal combustion and control oil. Forged from 2618 aluminum and packaged with uprated wrist pins, these pistons have power-adder specific skirt shapes and additional pin clearance to maximize power capacity. Lastly, they are coated in Wiseco’s Armor Glide skirt coating to reduce friction and wear.

Check out the video and follow a long as the Gassser build takes shape! Want to learn even more about Wiseco pistons? Check out our blog!


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Written by Evan Perkins