Wiseco Racer Elite Piston Gets Field Tested at Loretta Lynn's

September 27, 2017 / by Scott Meshey

A-level Amateur rider Scott Meshey put a Racer Elite piston in his Kawasaki KX250F mid week at Loretta's. Read his personal take on the performace of the Racer Elite here.


Racing amateur motocross for the past 15 years and racing the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National for eleven consecutive years has given me a chance to meet many people and try a lot of different companies’ products to find out what I like. I have raced all top amateur national races, from the last year running of the Spring National at Lake Whitney, Texas to the start of the Spring National at Millcreek in Pell City, Alabama. My racing has taken me to the top of the amateur national racing circuit. I had my breakout year in the Schoolboy One class at Vurbmoto’s Vurb Classic, garnering several awards. I also finished third at Ricky Carmichael SX in Daytona, Florida, and earned top five finishes in the competitive Schoolboy one and two classes.

My first experience with Wiseco products was when my motor builder used their pistons in my superminis and KTM 125 race bike. I was young and not as understanding of the complexities of the horsepower changes, I just knew the bike was fast and I was having great success.

Fast forward to today and the recent experience I had with the new Wiseco Racer Elite series 4-stroke piston.  I had the opportunity to use the new Racer Elite piston in my 2017 Kawasaki KX250F at the most prestigious amateur national of the year, the 36th Annual Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Motocross National Championship.

Starting gate at Loretta's 2017.

For those that are unfamiliar, the Loretta Lynn’s track consists of tight and technical sections, a few open sections, deep, loamy and thick sand sections, ant hills, split sections and the infamous ten commandments. The track is ever changing from the first moto at 7:30am to the last moto of the day at 6:30pm. You can almost always count on deep ruts and mud motos at Loretta’s. (Read more about the history of Loretta's)

You can always count on a good mudder at least one day Loretta's. (Meshey not pictured)

Each class races three 20-minute all-out intense motos in the excruciating Tennessee heat with temperatures in the 100-degree range, humidity in the nineties, racing against the best forty racers in your class in the country . One of the classes I raced this year was the College (18-24) class, racing against 450s on a 250F. This race was arguably the best place to test the Racer Elite’s true ability.

The Wiseco Racer Elite 4-Stroke piston kit comes with piston, rings, circlips, and a DLC pin.

My motor builder ordered a Racer Elite piston to use later in the week at Loretta’s. I was using a different name-brand high compression piston that was initially installed in my bike to start the week. He said after my first set of motos I should consider installing the Wiseco Racer Elite Piston as it would give it considerable increase in power. The decision was made, my mechanic installed the Racer Elite Piston, and I was off to the races, literally. I did not expect it to make as much of a difference from the other high compression piston as it did! Simply put, the difference that the Wiseco Racer Elite piston made in my bike under the harsh conditions of Loretta’s was nothing short of impressive.

2-Stroke rider? Racer Elite is also available in a 2-stroke series.

I truly believe the difference in the amount of power and the power delivery the piston provided made a considerable contribution to my success in the College (18-24) class, with moto finishes of 5-3-1 for a 3rd overall.

Scott Meshey charging at Loretta's.

The Wiseco Racer Elite Piston provided a new level of performance, contributing to the bike’s ability to deliver when pulling out of corner, no matter if the turn had a deep rut or if it was muddy. The bike excelled in soft loamy parts of the track, powering through sand with ease. Some of the larger jumps were difficult unless you hit the corner before just right and seat bounced. However, there was a transformation in the response to my demands of the bike, and getting over these jumps felt much easier, translating to saved energy for me.

"There was a transformation in the response to my demands of the bike, and getting over these jumps felt much easier, translating to saved energy for me."

In fact, I was finally able to hit a triple that is right after a small tabletop once the Racer Elite piston was installed in my bike. I used less energy getting over jumps for special rhythms and when pulling the front-end of the bike up through the whooped-out sand sections. I felt that I had more left in the tank for stronger late-moto pushes than during previous motos. I also had better starts against 450s, and even made passes against 450s on straights! I went from a top five moto finish to garnering my first ever podium moto finish at Loretta’s. During the final moto, I got a second-place start against 450s, passing for the lead early in the race, and winning the moto by over eight seconds.

"Getting over these jumps felt much easier, translating to saved energy for me."
- Meshey

I believe it is important to have full disclosure. Please note that I was not sponsored by Wiseco before or during Loretta’s. My motor builder, Gregg Lynks, encouraged the use of the piston. We purchased the piston and brought it along with us to Loretta’s. Thankfully we did, because I feel it contributed to my BEST moto finishes ever at the world’s most prestigious amateur national race! I write this review with absolutely zero bias. I was given this opportunity to write about how the Wiseco Racer Elite piston worked for me, after speaking with Al at the Wiseco booth to thank him for their incredible product and the contribution it made to my success. I speak highly of this product because I truly believe it made a difference for me on the track and helped garner great success at this high-intensity event.

Something I loved about the Racer Elite piston is that it doesn’t enhance just one area in the power curve. Instead, it provides a boost across the entire curve; giving it an aggressive push and a significantly less power drop-off in the higher RPMs as compared to the previous piston in the bike. The bike has a noticeable increase in power all the way from the start to the long straights on the track. For those of you who appreciate numbers, the Racer Elite piston added about 2.9 horsepower to a stock Honda CRF450 on a dyno!

The Racer Elite's asymmetrical skirt design is a first in the Powersports world. Click below to read more details.

Check out all of the Racer Elite's key features here.

In summation, the Racer Elite piston provides a great power bump for every four stroke. For the expanse of power gained by the piston by itself, the Racer Elite may just be one of the most economically smart investments when you want a little extra out of your bike. Put it to the test for yourself and find out why I find it to be a necessity in all my bikes! - Scott Meshey


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Written by Scott Meshey